What is a CumRag?

As defined on www.urbandictionary.com

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Kleenex, toilet paper, or paper towels used to shoot a load of cum into, or to clean up the mess that may have spattered elsewhere by mistake.

I held my cum rag in one hand and my Johnson in the other, then I shot the load into the cum rag.


someone or something u use to wipe ur penis with after ejaculating

Adam - dude I accidentally used my girlfriends English essay as a cum rag last night!


A cloth, towel, article of clothing, or "rag" used before, during, or after a male ejaculation. It can be used to clean up, clean the phallus, or actually be used as a target for the ejaculate to avoid a mess.

The sick f*%k used my panties as a cum rag.

No, no that's not my cum rag it's my handkerchief!


A Rag used constantly to clean up Cum after beating off a Penis

Tim used his Cum Rag to clean up his jizz after accidentally dripping some on the table.


1) a piece of cloth used to wipe semen from one's belly, fingers, penis, partner or other body part or object following ejaculation;

2) an epithet slapped on someone who disgusts or irritates

1) Even a cumrag can't get jizz out of pubes!

2) You callin me a cumrag, bitch?


Brawny Towel, dishcloth, crusty old sock, family pictures, unsuspecting poodle used to keep nut off the carpet

#1) My girlfriend knows she's just a cumrag and she's cool with it.
#2) My cumrag gives me money so's I stay home at night.
#3) I had to strangle that cumrag... she snorted all my meth


the tissue, napkin or old sock that you use to catch a nut during masturbation

if I hadn't used a cumrag then I would have fuckin egg all over my bed

I usually use an old pair of drawers for a cumrag